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Trisha Lynn Live at Z's

A native of Columbus, Ohio, born February 1990, Trisha’s musical talents became known to the world when she was 7 years old and her mom encouraged her to sing her favorite songs at her aunt’s wedding. Taking to the stage like a natural, she sang Jewel’s “You Were Meant For Me” and Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” People from adjacent rooms trickled in to better hear what they thought was a professional adult singer. From that moment on, Trisha knew she wanted to be a singer. She joined her church’s choir, honing her voice and performance skills singing for the Lord. Soon, she started teaching herself to play guitar and began writing her own songs, and by the time she was sixteen Trisha had written twelve fully-arranged songs. She continued with the worship team at her church, eventually becoming the leader of the group. God and music was her life. But then her church moved locations and lost many members, and as her church’s congregation dwindled, her faith did, too. It was a difficult, soul-searching time for Trisha, but she emerged from it with a renewed, strengthened faith and more passionate belief in her musical purpose. Trisha knows that God has called her to be a musician and a teacher and she is determined to use her talents to see hearts changed and souls brought to Jesus.

Trisha believes a musician has the responsibility and power to make a positive difference in those touched by their music, and it’s her goal to use her music to inspire, brighten, and lift up those who hear it. Today, with her practiced talents and energized focus, Trisha is bringing hope and light to the entertainment industry and her music is making positive differences in the lives of her growing number of fans.

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